John Dalla Costa

I am a writer first and foremost (my passion), also teaching at Schulich and consulting as an ethicist. I am at St. Basil’s because my previous Pastor suggested that I study theology, so, I ended up getting my M.Div. at Regis College. The parish is

Kelvin Browne

Looking back 60 years, I realize I’ve always been searching for a conduit for faith. Even as a young child I had a yeaning but I didn’t really know what it was. My parents lived with Christian values but were suspicious of organized religion. I went

Jay Nicholson

I'm a real estate agent and I have been since I hit 60 and the bank forced me to retire! It has given me more time to spend on my church activities, especially as a lector (which I've done since the 1980's), with the St. Vincent

Frank Piddisi

What brings me to the pew is my passion for human solidarity. Each Sunday I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the sheer desire of people to be in communion with each other. Watching everyone receive Holy Communion brings me to a deep sense that people

Sarah Hern

The Holy Spirit brought me here. It’s where I began to rediscover myself because someone saw potential in me that I never saw in myself. It’s where I realized that my gifts and talents, however unimpressive they seem to me, are important, welcome, and appreciated. It’s

Joan Gregson

I was christened in the Church of England, became a member of the United Church of Canada, confirmed in the Anglican Church after marriage, and finally, accepted into the Catholic Church in 1999. After leaving my marriage of 41 years I found myself with friends in

MJ Santa Ana

What brings me to the pew? In a nutshell: my family. I was raised by a single mother who brought me to my first pew. My mom sang in a choir for thirteen years, so we would arrive early. As the choir practiced, I recall Sunday

Lucas Vivas

A wise spiritual director once advised my wife that ours needs to be a “guerilla spirituality”—young professionals with families cannot live the fixed spiritual pattern of monastics. So I look to nourish my spirituality with prayer in the fleeting moments of my life—short prayers when

Cassie Mira

I have a very good friend who attends St. Basil's regularly. I started regularly meeting her for the 7:30am Mass. I work downtown, near York and Bremner, and I now start my day attending the 7:30am Mass. I could have gone to St Stephen, but I just

Carole Thomas

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning St. Basil’s: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways …” I spend 40 minutes each way on the subway to come here, yet I do not feel my time is wasted. There is always something I can take