John Dalla Costa

I am a writer first and foremost (my passion), also teaching at Schulich and consulting as an ethicist. I am at St. Basil’s because my previous Pastor suggested that I study theology, so, I ended up getting my M.Div. at Regis College. The parish is

Kelvin Browne

Looking back 60 years, I realize I’ve always been searching for a conduit for faith. Even as a young child I had a yeaning but I didn’t really know what it was. My parents lived with Christian values but were suspicious of organized religion. I went

Jay Nicholson

I'm a real estate agent and I have been since I hit 60 and the bank forced me to retire! It has given me more time to spend on my church activities, especially as a lector (which I've done since the 1980's), with the St. Vincent

Frank Piddisi

What brings me to the pew is my passion for human solidarity. Each Sunday I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the sheer desire of people to be in communion with each other. Watching everyone receive Holy Communion brings me to a deep sense that people

Joan Gregson

I was christened in the Church of England, became a member of the United Church of Canada, confirmed in the Anglican Church after marriage, and finally, accepted into the Catholic Church in 1999. After leaving my marriage of 41 years I found myself with friends in

MJ Santa Ana

What brings me to the pew? In a nutshell: my family. I was raised by a single mother who brought me to my first pew. My mom sang in a choir for thirteen years, so we would arrive early. As the choir practiced, I recall Sunday

Cassie Mira

I have a very good friend who attends St. Basil's regularly. I started regularly meeting her for the 7:30am Mass. I work downtown, near York and Bremner, and I now start my day attending the 7:30am Mass. I could have gone to St Stephen, but I just

Carole Thomas

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning St. Basil’s: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways …” I spend 40 minutes each way on the subway to come here, yet I do not feel my time is wasted. There is always something I can take

Aurelija Tarvydas

Parishioner since 2014, currently living in Midtown The spiritual life has called to me for as long as I can remember though I have not always known how to respond. I’m a seeker by design and therefore have explored many paths to a God-centered existence. What

Brenda Holz

I was born in Sault Ste. Marie in 1954 to Lutheran parents.  They had me baptised in St. Mary's Finnish Lutheran Church in May 1960.  My godmothers were Mary (a friend of my father) and Martha (my mother's friend who lived in Toronto).  Mary was a