16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

The kingdom of heaven is present in the pandemic By Sarah Rudolph, IBVM Our gospel this morning continues Matthew’s parables discourse. Scripture scholar Brendan Byrne, SJ says that a parable acts as an instructive story but it can also be a puzzle or a riddle. A parable

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Emily VanBerkum I remember attending catechism classes when I was younger, and I recall parables being shared with visuals and great enthusiasm. Still to this day, I can rhyme off a list of parables, and imagine them playing out with various settings, props, and a

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Fr. Norm Tanck, CSB “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Fr. Kevin Kelly, SJ 1) God isn’t selfish… God wants us to get our priorities straight. I remember being 10 years old and my Grade 5 teacher attempting to explain to my class that God was a selfish god… that God wanted each one of us

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Sébastien Lacroix Today’s Gospel is taken from one of the 5 sermons corresponding to the teaching of Jesus in Matthew. The first one found in chapter 5 is well known to us, the Sermon on the Mount, beginning with the beatitudes: the Magna Carta, the

Corpus Christi

By: Marilena Berardinelli In today’s Gospel reading the very first words Jesus speaks are “I am”. Seven times, in the Gospel of John, does Jesus begin a declarative statement about himself using these words: I am the light of the world, I am the gate, I

Trinity Sunday

A Sign of Something More By: Greg Rupik Since we’re not at Mass, I want you to glance around at a nearby picture you might have hanging on the wall, or even pull one up on your phone. These pictures that we have are signs, that is, they

Pentecost Sunday

By: Fr. Morgan V. Rice, CSB Yesterday morning, I joined the parish’s Zoom faith sharing session to discuss the Gospel passage that I just read. Knowing that I would be preaching this morning, I was looking forward to hearing what ideas and insights might arise. We

Ascension Sunday

By: Fr. Norm Tanck, CSB We are drawing to the end of the 2020 Easter Time. Next Sunday we will celebrate the feast of Pentecost and Ordinary Time will start on the Monday after it. This year our Lent and Easter seasons have been uniquely different

Sixth Sunday of Easter

By: Emily VanBerkum Last Sunday’s Gospel introduced us to Jesus’ farewell discourse- a final series of teachings to disciples before his arrest and crucifixion. Through these teachings, Jesus reveals that his heavenly union with God, the bridging of the human and divine realm, will forge a