2nd Sunday of Lent

Last Sunday, members of our parish R.C.I.A. program signed the book of the Elect, confirming their intentions in front of the community that they desire baptism and reception of the sacraments. In today’s Gospel, Christ’s appearance is changed in front of Peter, John, and James.

1st Sunday of Lent

Our Gospel reading this week sees Jesus tested over and over by satan. With each rebuke, Jesus asserts the wisdom he was taught growing up. He ultimately tells satan ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test’. The responsorial psalm echoes our Lenten

8th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Our Gospel reading reminds us the frivolity of our pursuits – we are often led down a misguided path, attempting to find satisfaction in naming our dissatisfactions with others. How easy is it to find the faults of others while ignoring our own? We often do

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Beatitudes as Synod If you attended the Webinar hosted by the Magdala Colloquy, you’ll remember that John Dalla Costa introduced us to Pope Francis’ model of the Polyhedron as Synodality. This model allows us to explore the different ways that groups share complex relations to Church.

5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus tells Simon Peter to go out and cast his net into deep waters. The result was greater than Peter could have ever imagined, so much so that two boats struggled to bring in the catch.   As we’re beginning the synodal journey,

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In Due Course   This past week, the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, more commonly known as the Loretto Sisters, and their sister congregation, the Congregation of Jesus, celebrated Mary Ward Week. Hearing this Sunday’s Gospel shed a particular light on the life and work of

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

"When the Sacred Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to his people, and Christ, present in his word, proclaims the Gospel" (GIRM, no. 29).   These words from the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) set before us a profound truth that we

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Unbeknownst to You The wedding at Cana — arguably one of the most famous moments that Jesus performs a miracle. What is so very interesting is that the bride and groom seem to have little-to-no knowledge of the impending crisis that is running out of wine

Second Sunday of Advent

For the Second Sunday of Advent, our Gospel reading focuses on John the Baptist; he cries out in the wilderness "Prepare the way of the Lord". One wonders why this is not the reading for the First Sunday of Advent. After all, does it not

First Sunday of Advent

Today is the First Sunday of Advent, the day we embark on our journey of preparation and anticipation for the coming of the Lord. Did you know that Advent is broken into two parts? The first part runs from today until the 16th of December.