Storytelling at St. Basil’s Church

CONTRIBUTED BY ROSEMARY I. FERRER I’m no sage. I’m just an ordinary woman with eleven siblings- 6 boys and 5 girls. My parents were in their teens just after WW II when they had me. Every year they had a baby born into their relationship.

My St Basil’s Memories

CONTRIBUTED BY CATHY HURST There are a few stories I know about St Basil’s Church. My mother, Agnes Flynn and Mrs. Field were both awarded the Bene Merenti Medal from Pope Pius XII. Mrs. Field was the longtime sacristan who visited St Basil's every day

Journeying Within

CONTRIBUTED BY LOUELLA D'SOUZA The journey of faith has been a long one for me; it is a continuing one that evolves, as do I with it. Growing up, I had known God to be angry and punitive. He had to be feared. Nothing escaped him

Participation at Mass: Then and Now

CONTRIBUTED BY ED MONAHAN I first became a member of St. Basil’s parish in 1944, some 70 years ago. Over this lengthy period I have seen and welcomed significant changes in the Eucharist liturgy, the community sacrifice that rests at the very centre of our faith.

The Ellard Family’s Connection to St. Basil’s

CONTRIBUTED BY JAMES ELLARD The Ellard family has had many milestone experiences here at St. Basil's. Hugh Ellard and Mary Anne Butler married on September 10, 1890 in St. Basil’s Roman Catholic Church. Four of Hugh and Mary’s children entered religious life. Archbishop Neil McNeil