The First Sunday of Lent

LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION By Maria di Paolo Lent is a time for prayer and reflection and the scriptures for Ash Wednesday and for today, the First Sunday of Lent, give us much to begin with.  On Ash Wednesday, we hear Jesus instructing the disciples in

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

THE JOURNEY FROM LIGHT TO DARKNESS IS ONGOING By Maria di Paolo Deep darkness will make way for a great light, gloom and anguish for a glorious way by the sea, writes the prophet Isaiah. Matthew’s Gospel quotes this same text just before Jesus calls his first

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

END OF A SEASON By Maria Di Paolo The cold weather reminds us of the coming of winter: the leaves have fallen, plants have died down, birds have flown south to warmer climates and other creatures have gone into hibernation until the spring.  The last weeks have

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

MERCY AND GRATITUDE By Maria di Paolo This weekend the readings are about healing and purification.  How is God’s mercy and forgiveness manifest?  What are our reactions on receiving this amazing grace? Namaan, a Syrian general and an enemy of Israel, has a bothersome skin condition.  He hears,

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR SIN & FORGIVENESSBy Maria di Paolo, Pastoral AssociateThis weekends’ readings are about sin and repentance: the community of Israel in exile commits idolatry; St. Paul writes to Timothy about his past life as a persecutor and man of violence; and finally, Jesus