Responding to God’s Call

Responding to God’s Call by Lucinda M. Vardey As we enter more fully into the New Year, and settle into what the Church calls “Ordinary Time” we are given the opportunity to hone our prayer life and begin again with God. God can call

How God Works

How God Works by Lucinda M. Vardey In Matthew’s gospel Jesus explains that the grace of God usually works in paradox. One of these is turning around the emphasis of external desires, positioning, privilege, and being honoured by others. Jesus’ way leads not so much to an


TESTING MIND AND HEART by Lucinda M. Vardey The readings for this Sunday turn what our cultures consider normal or usual to the obscure ways of God, always a mystery to our human reasoning. We are told by Isaiah to seek God while God may be

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

STEWARDS OF GOD’S MYSTERIES By Lucinda M. Vardey Today’s readings are full of predominantly feminine expressions and understandings. Isaiah refers to God’s care and compassion for us as being like a mother’s. The psalm reflects a similar maternal theme of the soul waiting patiently in silence,

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

THE HEART OF MARY By Lucinda M. Vardey Today’s scripture recounts Mary’s reaction to the words the shepherds heard from the angels, that she treasured and pondered them in her heart. During our parish’s Magdala seminar on feminine theology in Rome last year, French theologian, Anne-Marie Pelletier, helped

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

SLOW DOWN AND SEE By Lucinda M. Vardey We are reminded in today’s scriptures of the beauty and love of God that is present in all creation. I have the privilege of living in the countryside for about one-third of the year and it has allowed

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

LET YOUR FACE SHINE UPON YOUR SERVANT by Lucinda M. Vardey Today’s readings perfectly complement the canonization in Rome of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. We can look to many saints in our Church and see how their love of Jesus inspired them to act and serve him in others. 

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

OUR PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED by Lucinda M. Vardey Many of us carry around lists of the needs of all the people, projects and problems we ask God to solve. We light candles in church, we pray the rosary, we have Masses said, and we ask others to join

Fourth Sunday of Easter

OBEDIENCE by Lucinda M. Vardey One of the necessary commitments to leading a holy life is obedience. In a religious order obedience to one’s superiors is central to the health and stability of the community and the growth and freedom of its members.   But what about the rest