Third Sunday of Easter

THE KING OF ALL SURPRISES By Leanna Cappiello By our very nature, we are people of expectation. We plan our lives in increments of years, months, weeks, moments and mealtimes. We like to know what’s coming so we can feel safe in our own knowing. But as we are

Second Sunday of Lent

LITTLE THINGS FOR LOVE'S SAKE Here we are at the Second Sunday of Lent. Our cravings have increased for what we are fasting from, and our energy has decreased for the resolutions we are taking on. It can seem like a dismal time, especially with the

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

PRESENTED TO THE COMMUNITY By Leanna Cappiello It has only been one month since I began as your Social & Community Coordinator, and I must say, I’ve grown attached to you all already! Your immediate response to our new initiatives has been doing wonders for this new energy