Fourth Sunday of Advent

DO NOT FEAR THE UNEXPECTED By Leanna Cappiello Mary was ‘just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world’. Joseph, a humble God-fearing guy, had full intention of marrying Mary… until the news of her being pregnant with someone else’s child was made known to him.

1st Sunday of Advent

A DROP OF WATER IN THE FLOOD By Leanna Cappiello Ever wonder who is sitting next to you in the pew, that stranger with a story? You may take him or her in at a glance… But do you know who they are, what brought them here, what

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

TO ASK AND CONTINUE ASKING By Leanna Cappiello Here is a question to ponder: How do we expect to receive if we do not ask? This week, the Gospel tells us a story about a widow who approaches a judge, begging him constantly to grant her justice

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

PROMPT, PROVIDE, PROMISE By Leanna Cappiello Three things that Jesus said in the Gospel stood out to me. He first prompts us to consider what we love most; He then provides comfort for us when we lose sight of those things; And finally, He promises us

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

LIVING IN THE SPIRIT OF THE TRINITY By Leanna Cappiello Last week we celebrated Pentecost, when we relive the New Testament narrative when Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit onto the Apostles, inspiring them with the gifts of wisdom, understanding, right judgment, courage, knowledge, piety, and reverence.

Second Sunday in Easter

THE DIVINE STORY THAT KEEPS US HUMAN By Leanna Cappiello I was standing in the vestibule on Easter Sunday after celebrating Mass, looking out at all the smiling faces, hearing even more laughter than the usual. Everyone was radiating joy. We are part of a vibrant community as

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

MERCY PERSONIFIED By Leanna Cappiello My thoughts have admittedly been lingering on doubt lately. For me, this usually signifies the beginning of the Lenten season. For many of us, doubt could manifest according to our circumstance, our insecurities, even our wounds. I’m glad I can read Luke

Fourth Sunday of Advent

NEW BIRTH, NEW LIFE By Leanna Cappiello The Visitation is one of my favourite Gospel stories. Between Mary and Elizabeth is a palpable excitement – they are both pregnant and waiting the birth of their children. In a physical sense, the Visitation reminds us of this

Solemnity of All Saints

WHAT'S IN A SAINT? By Leanna Cappiello All Saints Day actually begins on All Hallows Eve, the eve of October 31st. The word “Halloween” is derived from the word “hallow”, an old English word for “saint”. Though almost every day of the year has a feast of

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

WHAT IS IT ABOUT CHILDREN? By Leanna Cappiello I want to focus on one very simple yet profound statement that Jesus makes in the Gospel today, “Whoever wants to be the first must be the last of all and servant of all.” What can we cultivate from