Field Hospital

Field Hospital by John Dalla Costa Pope Francis often describes the church as a “field hospital.” The world’s wounds are not of tangential concern to the church. They are its holy mission. Indeed, evangelization is empty without attending to both the causes and aftermaths of those injuries

Gold, Frankincense, Me & You

Gold, Frankincense, Me & You by John Dalla Costa Make a trek today With willing heart follow the star Behold the light, laser-like illuminating the Child Come let us bring our gifts In a heartbeat of silence Ponder the Presence Bask in the Child’s glow Touch tenderly His tiny fingers Caress with Mother Mary

Happy Feastday!

Happy Feastday! by John Dalla Costa Life-long Catholics who volunteer for the R.C.I.A. program at St. Basil’s usually feel that they receive so much more than they give. As catechumens and candidates make their journey towards Christ, we who accompany them inevitably see our faith with fresh

The Most Holy Trinity

BEARING THE TRINITY IN 2017 By John Dalla Costa Like others who recite the Liturgy of the Hours, we at St. Basil's have adopted the practice of bowing when praying the "Glory Be." Four times during every Lauds and Vespers we bow to bodily show our

Divine Mercy Sunday

WOUNDS OF WONDER By John Dalla Costa Even on bended-knee before the cross on Good Friday, and in the glee of Resurrection bells ringing during the Easter Vigil, our devotions only palely approach the actual trauma of those who loved Jesus and followed him. Their loss

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

A HARD GOSPEL FOR HARD TIMES By John Dalla Costa Jesus’ most challenging teaching is also his most essential: to love our enemies. With the vitriol in today’s politics, and so much hate in our culture, we are forced to confront both the implausibility of such

Christmas 2016

“REMEMBER YOUR DIGNITY” By: John Dalla Costa Such joy to relish this day. A light is born that no darkness can swallow; a hope has been enfleshed that no despair can ever despoil. The angels were right acclaiming: “Glory to God in the highest!” How can our hearts

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

WHAT’S NEXT? By John Dalla Costa With the Year of Mercy ending soon, our question as church, and as individuals, is whether this year has made any difference. Personally, I’d grade myself an “incomplete.” I’d liked to have done more, learned more, and changed more. But

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

THE NARROW GATEKEEPER By: John Dalla Costa At one of our last RCIA gatherings earlier this year, we experienced the prayerful immersion in scripture that is at the heart of the Catechesis of The Good Shepherd. Designed for very young children, this particular prayer used woodcut figures,

Feast of Corpus Christi

“Give Them Something to Eat” By John Dalla Costa I wish you could see what I see. The Body of Christ. I wish you could see what I see as a Eucharistic minister. The Body of Christ. I wish you could see face to face those who come to receive