Cassie Mira

I have a very good friend who attends St. Basil’s regularly. I started regularly meeting her for the 7:30am Mass.

I work downtown, near York and Bremner, and I now start my day attending the 7:30am Mass. I could have gone to St Stephen, but I just like attending the mass earlier than usual. I also like St. Basil’s itself. There is a certain tranquility and peace when I do my prayers. The homilies by the priest always strike a chord with us. He really prepares his homilies well, and we – with the rest – appreciate that. We are learning a lot from him. The surrounding area, with the trees, birds and squirrels really competes the picture. So, I do to work, ready for the battle of the day.

May St. Basil’s Church continue to flourish and be there for us all. The presence of the church in this bustling city, right the corner of downtown, is really very helpful to me; not just spiritually but also mentally. It creates a balance and allows me especially to participate in the most essential part of the day.

I would like to thank the priest who regularly celebrates with us every morning. Thank you to the rest of the members of the parish for your continued service. I am so grateful.