First Sunday of Lent

OVERCOMING FEAR by Lucinda M. Vardey   To follow Jesus is to die and be reborn, not once but many times.  Entering the desert of Lent is to allow us to focus on the experience of this dying to what was before, and being reborn to what is

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Jean-Francky Guerrier, SJ   Today’s Gospel (Mark 1: 40-45) focuses on the dimension of suffering in human life and Jesus’ attitude towards it. In the Jewish tradition, a person with leprosy, according to the Law, was not supposed to approach other people. But as Mark tells

Sunday of the Word of God

By: Tina Giusto Today, is special day instituted by Pope Francis called “The Sunday of the Word of God” (Archbishop Secretary, Arthur Roche, Robert Card. Sarah Prefect, Note The Sunday of the Word of God, Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum, 17, December 2020-see footnote

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

By: Chris Brittain I am delighted to join with you to worship this morning and am grateful to Father Rice and the community here at St. Basil’s for the kind invitation. I bring greetings from the students and staff at Trinity College. Today we’re offered the words

Baptism of the Lord

By: Ann Marie Tedesco I wonder what is it about baptism that would cause Jesus to be washed in the water of the Jordan River by John the Baptist who said he was not worthy to untie the thong of his sandals? Perhaps it is the

Epiphany Sunday

Praise, Reverence, and Serve God By Jean Francky Guerrier, SJ   Through the birth of the child Jesus, the Almighty God makes the journey towards humankind. This journey is an Epiphany. As sons and daughters of God, we are also called to journey to the encounter with Christ.

Fourth Sunday of Advent

With Hearts Broken Open By: Greg Rupik   December is an especially Marian month, for Catholics: On December 8th we celebrated Mary’s Immaculate Conception—our belief that Mary was conceived free from the stain of Original Sin. On December 12th, we remember Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Third Sunday of Advent

Let the Light In By: Emily VanBerkum   We are now more than half-way through Advent. Today, we rejoice because Christ’s coming is ever nearer and we live in the hope that Christ’s light will illuminate the world’s darkness. We’ve heard that we are an “Advent People,” and

The Second Sunday of Advent

By: John Dalla Costa and Lucinda M. Vardey The prophecy from Isaiah is fulfilled: the messenger has come. The promise from God is kept: now begins the gospel. A baptism of water beckons all of Jerusalem to repentance. A baptism of the Holy Spirit now embraces all humanity, and

First Sunday of Advent

By: Jean Francky Guerrier, SJ   Brothers and sisters, today first Sunday of Advent, we enter a new liturgical year which will lead us to Christmas. The Advent season invites us to remember not only that God came into the world through the birth of Jesus, but