Why share your story?

Sharing your story gives you the courage to own the grace in the difficulties and fully embrace the joy.

Sharing your story gives others the chance to be inspired in hope.

Sharing your story makes us recognize what make our lives special, what unites us in joy and suffering, and what remind us how human we are.

 St. Basil’s wants to hear about you.


Writing Prompts for Storytellers

  • Explore a reoccurring theme or pattern in your life.
  • Focus on a word, question, phrase or image that has significance to you.
  • Begin with a defining moment: a realization, an encounter with someone/something.
  • Ponder the question, What brought you here?
  • Consider something you are currently struggling with or have overcome.
  • Show us your wounds and your scars; show us your hope.


Don’t… Do…
Start from the beginning of your life Start from a defining moment in your life
Offer generalized, vague outlines Offer specific, detailed thoughts
Be guarded and “safe” Be authentic and vulnerable
Use cliché celebrity quotes Quote yourself or others
Question your importance Ask yourself important questions
Hold back on feelings Delve into a feeling or experience
Think about your end-goal Think about your journey
Hand it in an unedited story Have someone you trust edit your story
Feel as though you’re being watched Feel as though you’re being heard

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