In her book, Becoming Wise, Krista Tippet wrote “that sometimes we need stories more than food to survive.”

People have amazing stories.  There are all kinds of reasons they come to their pew – in joy, thanksgiving, sorrow, agony, with questions or for reasons they cannot yet articulate.  Some people come to their pew daily; others come once a year.  Some are life-long Catholics; others are struggling to believe in God.  They are the young to the old; the rich to the poor, known and unknown; educated a lot and with little to no formal education at all.  Some are stories written by others; others are penned by their own hand.

In short, everyone has a story and we want to know What brings you to your pew?
Even further than the superficial question of what brings you to St. Basil’s… what brings you to God in general? The People in the Pews begs a deeper question of our souls: Why do you come to Mass at all?

As part of the 160th Anniversary of St. Basil’s Parish, we wanted to capture the stories of some of “the people in the pews”.  It is a year-long endeavour, so the list will grow as the year progresses.

If you are reading this, we hope their stories may inspire you to come to the pew – to ask the questions you don’t usually ask; to sit in the silence; to participate in the community; to cry; laugh; sing; write or type.  Perhaps you may even find the courage to share your own story (and photo).  In fact, we hope you do, because the best part about the stories in the pews – they all belong!

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