Sunday, March 11 – 4th Sunday of Lent

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Field Hospital

Field Hospital by John Dalla Costa Pope Francis often describes the church as a “field hospital.” The world’s wounds are not of tangential concern to the church. They are its holy mission. Indeed, evangelization is empty without attending to both the causes and aftermaths of those injuries that effect the health of body, mind, heart […]

Family Coffee Hour

Next Sunday, March 18, following the 9:00AM Mass, there will be a special coffee hour for families with young children. It will be an opportunity for parents and children to join together for prayer, community, and refreshments. We hope you can join us!

Lenten Penance Service

Let us make the journey into the heart of our relationship with God. Take a long, loving look at the ways God calls us to grow. Take this challenge and hold it in readiness for the rich blessing that is manifest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. As part of the Lenten Day of Confessions, there will be extra opportunities for confession from 11:00am–12:00pm on Thursday, March 15. There will also be a Penance Service at 6:30PM on March 15, at 6:30PM, followed by additional time for individual reconciliation.

Olive Wood Display

Next weekend, March 17 and 18, representatives from Biblical Journeys Canada will be on site selling olive wood rosaries, crosses and nativity scenes. These items are hand made by the Catholics of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Items will be available for purchase following the Saturday 5:00pm Mass, as well as 9:00am, 10:30am, and 12:0pm Mass on Sunday.

Study & Pray in Israel

You are invited to register for a study abroad, retreat program that will prayerfully read the Book of Leviticus while exploring Israel in the footsteps of Jesus this summer. Hosted by Bat Kol and the Centre for Christian-Jewish Studies at the Ratisbonne Institute in Jerusalem, you would partake in a twenty-one day program examining the third book of the Torah in the sacred land of Israel from July 4-25, 2018. The Book of Leviticus offers insight into holiness- how Israel was to live as a holy nation. This unique study program takes place in the heart of the old city of Jerusalem consisting of classes, evening lectures from renowned Rabbis and Christian theologians, excursions to archeological sites and immersion into Jewish culture and religiosity. Though this program can be taken for academic credit (accredited through The University of St. Michael’s College Faculty of Theology and the Gregorian University in Rome), you are most welcome to audit the course- for a spiritually enriching, memorable experience of the Holy Land! Looking for more information regarding early bird pricing and registration? Please join the Bat Kol info night on FRIDAY, MARCH 16 at 4:00pm hosted in the Faculty of Theology’s Student Lounge (3rd Floor, Alumni Hall on the USMC campus). If you cannot attend, please visit

Living the Gospel by Supporting ShareLife

How do we “Live the Gospel” towards others when our daily lives are so busy? For some it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen, or it may be caring for an elderly relative. If we do not have the time to actively participate, we can support the many ShareLife-funded agencies within our community that bring the hands of Christ to those in need. Next Sunday is the first ShareLife collection. Over the next week, please reflect on your ability to help “Live the Gospel” through Catholic agencies, and make a decision to support our ShareLife Parish Campaign. Next Sunday March 18, is ShareLife Sunday. Please give generously. Thank you!

Stations of the Cross

Join us on Fridays during Lent for the Stations of the Cross. Each week we will join in prayer beginning with Vespers, at 5:10PM followed by the Stations of the Cross. Each week during Lent, we will use a different variation of the Stations of the Cross. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Michael at (416) 926-1300 x.3210 or


March 11 – 17, 2018

SUNDAY 4th Sunday of Lent
9:00AM Donald James McStravick (+)
10:30AM Pro Populo
12:00PM Maria do Rosario (+)
4:30PM Joan Golding (+)
7:30AM Liz Clayton (liv.)
12:10PM John, Joseph, Mary, Tomo, and Teresa Vidovic (+,+,+,+,+)
 12:10PM Luis L. Alfonso (+)
7:30AM Frank Gallippi (+)
12:10PM Teresa Fung and Family (liv.), George William O’Brien (+)
12:10PM John Duane (+)
SATURDAY St. Patrick
5:00PM Francis, Monica, and Mary Gannon (+,+,+)

PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially, Mary O’Brien, Claire Fidler, Kam Fung Tem, Angel Martinez, Margaret-Mary McKenzie, Joe Torres, Rita Moran, Celerina Agpoon, Bernice Casey, Lucy Rietveld Bowers, Donna Wood, Clare DeMello, Erika Farncomb, Roberto Martello, Paul and Filomena Larocca, Joseph Troncone, Helen Agard, Sally Roche, Rebecca Beaton, Paul O’Brien, Carry Eillen, Romulus DeMello, Neil McCormack, Barbara MacMahon-Firestone, and Alexander Wu.


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