July 8, 2018 | Ordinary Time – XIV

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Second Sunday of Lent

LITTLE THINGS FOR LOVE’S SAKE Here we are at the Second Sunday of Lent. Our cravings have increased for what we are fasting from, and our energy has decreased for the resolutions we are taking on. It can seem like a dismal time, especially with the winter weather still upon us. But Lent is far […]

Saint Vincent dePaul

Thank you for your generous contributions to the June 16/17 Saint Vincent dePaul Bundle Up Weekend. Your donations have helped tremendously. Thank you!

Parish Year-End Report

Please review the St. Basil’s 2017 Year-End Report, which you should find as an insert in the bulletin. Copies of the report are also available at the parish office. The report contains financial information and some statistics that you might find interesting about our growing parish. If you have any questions regarding the numbers, please contact Fr. Morgan; and he will do his best to answer them.

Annual Mass for the Faithful Departed

This Annual Mass for the Faithful Departed will be held on Wednesday August 15, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the following Catholic Cemeteries: Assumption, Mississauga Christ the King Holy Cross Mount Hope Queen of Heaven Resurrection St. Mary’s in Barrie. His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins will be celebrating Mass this year at Queen of Heaven Cemetery.


Though the three major ShareLife collections have come and gone for this year, we are still $20,000 short of our $83,000 suggested goal. Thank you to all those who have contributed so far! For those who have not, it is not too late! I ask for your participation like St. Paul sought the help of the Corinthians as described in last week’s second reading (2 Corinthians 8). St. Paul expresses a desire that the Corinthian Christians excel in their financial generosity towards those who were suffering from poverty by sharing with them some of their abundance. Thank you as you prayerfully consider how, based on your means, you might make the difference in the life of another through the many agencies supported by your ShareLife donation. This year’s ShareLife campaign concludes on July 31. Anything received after that date will be counted towards next year’s campaign.

Summer Jobs Programs

Thousands of charitable organizations are being denied funding through the Canada Summer Jobs program. To qualify for funding, organizations must agree with certain beliefs held by the current federal government. This has impacted more than 150 jobs and more than $1 million in funding in the Archdiocese of Toronto alone. Across Canada 1,500 groups had their applications rejected this year vs. 126 in 2017. Dozens of Catholic organizations throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto were impacted by this policy. Cardinal Collins invites you to write your federal Member of Parliament to respectfully express your concerns. Visit www.savesummerjobs.ca to send a message to your MP. This takes less than 3 minutes. You can also donate at the same site to support those organizations directly impacted.

Renew Toronto

Renew Toronto is a conference for all Young Adults aged 19-39. It is an opportunity to grow in faith alongside like-minded people in a similar stage of life. This conference will offer unique opportunities for students, young adult professionals, young couples and families, men and women! Sponsored by the Office for Catholic Youth, Renew Toronto takes place October 12-14, 2018. For more information about registration, please visit http://ocytoronto.org/renewto/


July 8th – 14th

SUNDAY 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
9:00AM Dorie Santos (+)
10:30AM Pro Populo
12:00PM David Robert Weiner (+)
4:30PM Hans Beretta (+)
7:30AM Cleta DeDouza (+)
12:10PM Irene Merzlak (+)
7:30AM Miles W. Mathis (+)
12:10PM Jim and Catherine Cox (+,+), Emma deVilla (+), Myrna G. Tomas (+)
WEDNESDAY St. Benedict
7:30AM Yenukunme Chantal Jôssu (liv.)
12:10PM Arcadio de Guia (+)
7:30AM Ed Hooks (+)
12:10PM Rose Luzano-Anuddin (+)
7:30AM Cleta DeSouza (+)
12:10PM Amy Wong (+)
5:00PM Claire Bonk(+)

PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially, Claire Fidler, Kam Fung Tem, Angel Martinez, Margaret-Mary McKenzie, Rita Moran, Celerina Agpoon Lucy Rietveld Bowers, Donna Wood, Clare DeMello, Erika Farncomb, Roberto Martello, Mary O’Brien, Paul and Filomena Larocca, Joseph Troncone, Rebecca Beaton, Paul O’Brien, Carry Eillen, Romulus DeMello, Neil McCormack, Alexander Wu, Desmond Brownlee, Emilia Perejmybida, Tai-Ho Myung, Young-Mi Sim, and Anne MacCarthy.


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