Sunday, November 19, 2017 – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Use it or Lose it

Use it or lose it by Michael Pirri Every time I meet with an individual who is interested in volunteering, I start out by getting to know what they like doing in their spare time. What is it that they are passionate about, or that they enjoy doing the most? We are quite fortunate that […]

Bundle Up Sunday

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul at St. Basil’s will collect gently used items for families in need, on the weekend of November 18-19. We accept clothes, footwear, blankets, sheets, towels and drapery, as well as new or nearly new toys, and small household goods. We don’t collect appliances, baby or other furniture, dishes, books or video/audio cassettes.

We donate the goods to families in need, exchange them for vouchers to help the needy, or sell them to support our charitable works. There will be a truck parked at the church all weekend, and volunteers will be there before and after the Saturday and Sunday Masses. Please tie up your donation bags to make handling easier, and to prevent spoilage. Thank you for your kind support.

Ministry of the Sick and Homebound

We are currently updating our records for the Ministry of the Sick and Homebound. If you are already involved in this ministry, or are interested in learning more, please contact Jessica via email at or by phone at (416) 926-1300 x. 3413

Advent Blue Books

The Advent Blue Books will be on sale in the vestibule of the church after all Masses on November 25/26 for $2.00. These books serve as a wonderful tool for guided prayer and reflection during the Advent season.

Saint Vincent dePaul

A heartfelt thank you to all of you for your generous support of the special collection for our Parish Saint Vincent de Paul outreach ministry in early October. The $ 8,287.45 raised has helped hundreds of our shut-ins, abused women, new immigrants, and Folks who are just down on their luck. God bless you!

Baptismal Preparation

Are you planning to have your child baptized at St. Basil’s, or have you been recently asked to serve as a Godparent? Please note that our parish’s remaining baptismal preparation class take place on the following dates in 2017: November 25, 2017 To register for a class or to get more information, please email

Outreach Ministries

Christmas is around the corner, and our outreach ministries of Out of the Cold and Miller Group are planning special lunch events including gift bags for all of our patrons. This year, we expect our Christmas Lunch will attract about 130 patrons. Chartwells, the food provider for St. Michael’s College, has generously donated a significant portion of the lunches we will be serving. Our challenge now is to raise funds for gift bags containing essential health and hygiene products for 130 community members in need of a little hand-up. How can you help us? You can buy a gift bag for $10, to help cover the cost of the items purchased.On November 18 and 19, volunteers will be at the back of the church to accept your donation. Thank you for your continued support in feeding our community in need 52 weeks a year, and in helping to make their Christmas a special and joyful time.

Development & Peace

Women are among the most vulnerable during times of war. But they are also important when it comes to creating and sustaining peace. Did you know that a peace agreement is 35% more likely to last at least 15 years if women help build it? Next weekend, November 25-26, on the feast of Christ the King, Cardinal Collins invites you to participate in an archdiocesan weekend of action to put women at the heart of peace. You will be invited to sign a simple postcard from Development and Peace. It asks the federal government to give women around the world the resources they need to be at the heart of peace. Read more about it in the pamphlet found inside the bulletin.

Toronto Catholic Doctors’ Guild ​

Calling all Catholic physicians, residents and medical students! You are welcome to join for Vespers and Mass with Cardinal Collins, followed by an annual meeting and dinner. Cardinal Collins will address the group during dinner regarding their role in spreading the Gospel in the profession. Meet other Catholic physicians, pray together and enjoy an evening of fellowship. The event takes place on Saturday November 25, starting at 5:00PM in Loretto College. Vespers begin at 5:00PM., Mass follows 5:30PM. Dinner will run from 6:45 to 9:30PM. Please contact the Toronto Catholic Doctors’ Guild to RSVP or request more information. They can be reached via


October November 12th—18th

SUNDAY 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 
9:00AM Arcadio R. deGuia (+)
10:30AM Pro Populo
12:00PM Sharon McGhie (liv.)
4:30PM Santhosh Menezes (liv.)
7:30AM Alton Bernard Cuyugan (+)
12:10PM Margaret Pavone (liv.)
7:30AM Olivia Vaz (liv.)
12:10PM Fr. Leo R. Sands (+), Bruce McCormick (+), Stefan and Anna Papez (+,+), Richard Oiaczeski (+)
7:30AM Lorenzo Di Cecco (liv.)
12:10PM Vocations
7:30AM Sylvester Hoebel (+)
12:10PM Anne Gregoire (+), Bruce McCormick (+), Bruno Navera (+)
FRIDAY St. Elizabeth of Hungary
7:30AM Manuel Rodrigues (+)
12:10PM Frank, Mary, and Monica Gannon (+)
5:00PM Frederick Hildebrand (+)

PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially, Mary O’Brien, Claire Fidler, Kam Fung Tem, Angel Martinez, Margaret-Mary McKenzie, Joe Torres, Rita Moran, Celerina Agpoon, Bernice Casey, Concha Gaeitereiro, Clare DeMello, Erika Farncomb, Evelyn McGloin, Filomena La Rocca, Joseph Troncone, Hai Luen Liu, Neil McCormack, Barbara MacMahon-Firestone, and Alexander Wu. Alexander Wu.


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