The parish office is open for limited essential appointments Monday-Friday 11:30pm-1:00pm

Mass Intentions

SUNDAY, October 10

9:00 am Lucien Verroken (+)

10:30 am Pro Populo

12:00 pm Winnie Man (liv)

4:30 pm Camilo Vargas (liv)


MONDAY, October 11

9 am Rogerio de Jesus Carriera (+)



TUESDAY, October 12

7:30 am Marie Bernice Casey (+)

12:10 pm Kathy Schmidt (+)



WEDNESDAY, October 13

7:30 am

12:10 pm Mary Gardner (+)



THURSDAY, October 14

7:30 am

12:10 pm Vera Darragh (+)


FRIDAY, October 15

7:30 am

12:10 pm Luigi and Lina Ciavarella (++)


SATURDAY, October 16

5:00 pm Adele O’Connell (+)

PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially, Sue Banfield, Rebecca Beaton, Barbara Boyle, Desmond Brownlee, Anne C., Steve Chandeller, Mary Jane Cowan, Josephine D’amico, Jasper David-Fuchs, Clare DeMello, Erika Farncomb, Jose Gaitero, Maisie Henry, Maryanne Hodges, Margaret Mary McKenzie, Neil McCormack, Hilary McCormack, Evelyn McGloin, David Martin, Rosy Menezes, Paul O’Brien, Delaila Salvador, Betty Veit, Eileen Vyphius, Alexander Wu, and Emilio Zaic.


Bulletin Notices

In accordance with City of Toronto by-laws, masks are required at all times while inside the church.

Best Practices

Parishioners are strongly encouraged to self-screen before attending church, including taking their temperature. Those with a temperature at or above 37.5 C/99.5 F are asked to not attend Mass. Those who exhibit fever or any other indications of a viral infections are asked to seek medical attention before coming to church.

Hand sanitizer is available on the tables near the entrance. Please sanitize your hands when you enter and leave the church.

In order to observe safe social distancing, there will be dedicated spaces to sit. The seats will be marked in the pews. They are available on a first come, first served basis.

Please stay six feet apart as you enter and leave the church and at all times when you are in the church. Volunteers will be there to direct you.

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