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Masses Intentions Being Celebrated at Private Masses
(through Easter Sunday 2020)

Saturday, March 14
5:00pm José Julio Torres (+)

Sunday, March 15
9:00am Jim Rothwell (+)
10:30am Pro Populo
12:00pm Cecilia Sorianosos (+)
4:30pm Ann Boland (+) and Peter Stephens (+)

[March 16 & 17 Intentions – Celebrated at Public Masses]

Wednesday, March 18
7:30am Katrina Teh (liv.)
12:10pm Vocations

Thursday, March 19
7:30am Joana Evangelista & William Rydberg (liv.)
12:10pm Roberto Cadag (+)
Ching-yock and Ho-leung Lo (+,+)
Michael De Pinto (+)

Friday, March 20
7:30am Mary Greaney (+)
12:10pm Luigi and Lina Ciavarella (+,+)

Saturday, March 21
5:00pm Thomas MacDonald

Sunday, March 22
9:00am Synora Gonsalves (+)
10:30am Pro Populo
12:00pm Kevin Quinto (+)
4:30pm Joy and John Pratt (+,+)

Monday, March 23
12:10pm Nicola Ciavarella (+)

Tuesday, March 24
7:30am John Angus (+)
12:10pm Tamara Tumidajski (+)
Sr. Joyce Roberts, CND (+)

Wednesday, March 25
7:30am Michael Sansom (+)
12:10pm Mr. Stefan & Mrs. Anna Papez (+,+)

Thursday, March 26
7:30am Dolores Ciuro (+)
12:10pm Audrey Gilchrist (+)
Marylene Boulong Stephenson (+)

Friday, March 27
12:10pm Frank Dean (+)

Saturday, March 28
5:00pm Ramona Raquel Pereyra (+)

Sunday, March 29
9:00am Olivia Vaz (liv.)
10:30am Pro Populo
12:00pm Nina Anosowicz (+)
4:30pm Maria Dolores Ciuro (+)

Monday, March 30
7:30am Marie Bernice Casey (+)
12:10pm Valerie Crilly (+)

Tuesday, March 31
12:10pm Hilere Mann (+)

Wednesday, April 1
7:30am The Thalheimer Family
12:10pm Mateo Leaban Jr. (+)

Thursday, April 2
12:10pm Tamara Tumidajski (+)

Friday, April 3
12:10pm Vocations

Saturday, April 4
5:00pm Frederick Vardon (+)

Sunday, April 5
9:00am Rosa, John, and Lily (+,+,+)
10:30am Pro Populo
12:00pm Paola and Myriam Scoppio (+,+)
4:30pm Mari Trainor (+)

Monday, April 6
12:10pm Mary LeNoir & Kierans Hugh (+,+)

Tuesday, April 7
12:10pm Vocations

Wednesday, April 8
12:10pm Mr. James Robert & Valerie Crilly (+,+)

Thursday, April 9 – Holy Thursday
7:00pm Pro Populo

Saturday, April 11 – Holy Saturday
8:00pm Pro Populo

Sunday, April 12 – Easter Sunday
9:00am Pro Populo
10:30am Pro Populo
12:00pm Pro Populo

Being Chosen

By Nancy Nobrega In the First Reading, David was chosen by God but he was the most unlikely candidate. Jesse did not even include him in the group of sons […]

PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially, Sue Banfield, Rebecca Beaton, Barbara Boyle, Desmond Brownlee, Anne C., Steve Chandeller, Mary Jane Cowan, Josephine D’amico, Jasper David-Fuchs, Clare DeMello, Romulus DeMello, Erika Farncomb, Jose Gaitero, Maryanne Hodges, Margaret Mary McKenzie, Neil McCormack, Hilary McCormack, David Martin, Rosy Menezes, Mary O’Brien, Paul O’Brien, Delores Russo, Delaila Salvador, Ralph Smialek, Betty Veit, Eileen Vyphius, Alexander Wu, and Emilio Zaic.


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