Being Chosen

By Nancy Nobrega

In the First Reading, David was chosen by God but he was the most unlikely candidate. Jesse did not even include him in the group of sons from which Samuel was to choose. Samuel saw potential in all the sons but God clarified his choice of David because he looked not on his “outward” appearance. Then again Samuel included that David was “handsome”…“but the Lord looks on the heart”. What? So, it seems that although David was handsome God picked him anyway? I guess really God did not care what he looked like on the outside……that is the message. God looked at his heart and knew that David would hear His call and be a good King.

I have certainly not been chosen to be “a King”, but God has chosen me and all of you too and all of His children in this world that He created. He loves us all. In Baptism we have been chosen to be Priests, Prophets and Kings. I very much feel like an unlikely candidate. Why did God call my name and why did I hear him? I was Baptized as a child…was that an accident of my birth? There are no accidents. God has a plan. Who am I in God’s plan? Here we are together, supporting one another in the Mystical Body of Christ. God must have seen our hearts? Then again there are lots of people I know who have such good hearts and they don’t attend Mass, or even know God in any way. They don’t always hear His call…even if they are Baptized …or do they…or not yet? Such a mystery!

I am so grateful. Sitting in the pews at St. Basil’s really helps me with this. I see my fellow members of God’s family as folks like me…hearts like mine…who come to pray in thanksgiving, pray for help for themselves or others, and to praise God. Sometimes I can see their hearts weeping, sometimes I can see their hearts rejoicing and sometimes I see their hearts being peaceful in God’s presence and in the presence of the Mystical Body of Christ – all of us who support one another as we come together at St. Basil’s and then take that out into the world to support those who are not as fortunate as we are…those who don’t hear God’s words. We do this with the grace of the Holy Spirit and Father’s blessings. Such grace! We learn and are nurtured just by being in the presence and grace of this wonderful Mystical body! Such a gift!

Our wonderful Candidates and Catechumens have missed their First Scrutiny because of these trying times. We acknowledge them in our loving prayers. Even though we are not together in body we are together in Spirit. We are all part of God’s plan so this can only be correct. They have heard God call their name and are full of wonder and have chosen to follow.

Sofia Cavalletti explains it so well when she says ”We can compare wonder to a magnet…it is situated ahead of us and attracts us with irresistible force toward the object of our astonishment…”. Hearing God’s voice is quite astonishing! In the Gospel today John uses the word “astonishing” to describe Jesus’ miracle. Cavalletti is describing the wonder that children feel in relationship with God. We are all God’s children and experiencing the wonder of our Candidates and Catechumens in our RCIA program has been such a blessing to me. Let us welcome these new members of our Mystical Body as we pray for them and see their hearts with God’s eyes, each one different, each one supporting as we support them…as we go forward…hearing God’s words…being His bridge to others …connecting all hearts…with wonder and astonishment with the grace of the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful that I hear God’s word and so grateful to know that I am part of His plan. I am so grateful that I can experience this through my brothers and sisters in Christ. Such a mystery