Ascension Sunday

By: Fr. Norm Tanck, CSB We are drawing to the end of the 2020 Easter Time. Next Sunday we will celebrate the feast of Pentecost and Ordinary Time will start on the Monday after it. This year our Lent and Easter seasons have been uniquely different

Sixth Sunday of Easter

By: Emily VanBerkum Last Sunday’s Gospel introduced us to Jesus’ farewell discourse- a final series of teachings to disciples before his arrest and crucifixion. Through these teachings, Jesus reveals that his heavenly union with God, the bridging of the human and divine realm, will forge a

Fifth Sunday of Easter

By: Sr. Jeanne Cover, IBVM The most frequently uttered words of Jesus’ followers in the weeks of Jesus’ life on earth are: “I or we “Have seen the Lord.” And it was the Risen Jesus who instigated these meetings or sightings. We will all recall reading

Fourth Sunday of Easter

By: Susan K Wood, SCL Today is Good Shepherd Sunday. This pastoral image of sheep and shepherd seems a bit foreign in downtown Toronto where we are surrounded by high-rise buildings and the closest we get to animal-human relationships are the many dogs we see trotting

Third Sunday of Easter

Encountering Christ Through Crisis By: Elizabeth Chesley-Jewell Today in our Gospel we meet two of Jesus’ disciples on a road leading out of Jerusalem toward a village called Emmaus. We are never told why the disciples have chosen to set out on this journey or what they

Second Sunday of Easter

By: Marilena Berardinelli Today’s gospel recounts two events in the life of the Risen Jesus. The first event is Jesus’ appearance to the majority of his disciples, where he offers them peace, he breathes upon them his Spirit and he speaks to them saying, “If you

Easter Sunday

By: Fr. Morgan V. Rice, CSB The Gospel that we heard this afternoon is the Gospel that I proclaimed last night at the Easter Vigil here in St. Basil’s Church with three other priests present. It was a very different liturgy since the people and so

Palm Sunday

As I often like to do when I am preaching on Sundays, I like to take into account the context of the readings that we hear, and I would like to start by considering what comes shortly before the gospel passage of Jesus’ entry into

Lent V

Today’s Gospel story of the death of Lazarus is a very touching and relevant one for us  as we live through the covid-19 global health crisis.  Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary were friends of Jesus.  Jesus had visited their home and  eaten at their table. When Lazarus falls seriously ill his sisters sent word to Jesus asking him to come and heal their brother. For a number of reasons Jesus didn’t immediately go to

Being Chosen

By Nancy Nobrega In the First Reading, David was chosen by God but he was the most unlikely candidate. Jesse did not even include him in the group of sons from which Samuel was to choose. Samuel saw potential in all the sons but God clarified