The Solemnity of All Saints

By: Emma Graham   Blessed are they. These are the words Christ uses throughout our gospel reading today, to reveal to us an image of sainthood.   We hear that Jesus sits atop a mountain and gathered around him are not only his disciples, but also crowds of people,

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Fr. John Reddy, CSB All through his public ministry Jesus faced opposition from the religious and political authorities.  I suppose it should come as no surprise that both the political and religious leaders of his day tried to entrap Jesus.  His teaching unnerved both groups and if they could trap him into giving the wrong

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Ninette D'Souza   In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus wisely and cleverly evades the trap that his enemies have set for him.  What might not be evident at first glance, without a little more context is the extreme and treacherous lengths that Jesus’ enemies have taken to entrap him. They certainly were not seeking Jesus’ honest opinion on whether or not to pay taxes to Caesar. 

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Jean-Frankcy Guerrier, SJ The readings invite us to develop sincere and authentic relationships with God in words and actions. Actions that demonstrate God’s love and care of all human beings.   As Christians we are called to do God’s will not only by saying in words that

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The second reading for today’s Mass sets the tone for our Gospel reflection. St. Paul writing to the Romans (Romans 13:8-10) says, “Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law”. Today’s readings are about love;

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The gospels always point at Him. We read the scriptures to hear Jesus and heed Him. More than that, we seek meeting Jesus - to glimpse, overhear, relish, befriend, and love Him. Inevitably, since every word is about Jesus, every word also reveals His cross. Today’s reading

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Franca Otono In this gospel reading, Jesus Christ asked his disciples to identify who he is while they were within the region of the Gentiles. being that the passion of Christ is fast approaching, it was fundamental for the disciples to know who Jesus Christ

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Lucinda M. Vardey On the last of our St. Basil’s Magala-sponsored Rome seminars on feminine theology, the papal theologian, Fr. Wojciech Giertych mentioned in his homily at the opening Mass, that the women in the gospels are not called by Jesus, they come on their own, moved by

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Elizabeth Chesley-Jewell A central image in this week’s readings is the storm. At first glance it may appear that the message is simply to keep faith amid a singular storm. However, a closer inspection of God’s message calls us to reflect on the faith journeys

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Fr. Morgan V. Rice, CSB   Imagine the scene we hear about in today’s Gospel. Imagine that you are Jesus who has just found out about the death of his beloved cousin, John the Baptist. Jesus does what we might do as well: he goes away to