Sixth Sunday in Easter

IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ULTIMATE LOVER By Leanna Cappiello There is no doubt that the word “love” is over-used in our society today. We liberally toss the word around, “I love that decor,” “I love a good cigar,” “I am in love with this country!” If

5th Sunday in Easter

SPRING GARDENING By Fr. Chris Valka, CSB The Gospel this week speaks of Jesus as the vine and ourselves as the branches. Those branches that do not bear fruit, we are told, will be cut off. But even those that do, will still be pruned so that

A Reversal of Expectations     By Emily VanBerkum Today’s readings are very much in keeping with the spirit of the Easter season, by inviting us to continue to reverse our expectations. Eastertide is all about letting go of what we thought we knew and embracing possibilities of what

Third Sunday of Easter

PERFECTING PEACE by Lucinda M. Vardey Fr. Tim was pastor of my parish in England before I came to Canada. A Catholic convert, he held rather unorthodox ideas regarding sin and penance. He argued that most wrongdoing among his parishioners was because we did not know any better: we

The Second Sunday of Easter

THE BENEFIT OF A DOUBT by John Dalla Costa Only one week after the exuberance of Easter the Church presents us with the gospel story of Thomas and his doubts. Why this juxtaposition between the glory of Resurrection and the hesitation from suspicion? And why now? The obvious

The Passion of Our Lord (Palm Sunday)

THE DRAMA OF THE PASSION By Leanna Cappiello As a young girl, seeming our Lord’s Passion enacted in front of us was my favourite part of Palm Sunday Mass. Experiencing the break in ritual to tell a compelling story. Every year, I would notice something different. And if what

Fifth Sunday in Lent

“LAZARUS, COME OUT!” By Emily VanBerkum The setting of today’s Gospel is a stone tomb and inside the tomb rests a man named Lazarus. Once word reaches Jesus, he risks the trip to Judea to comfort Lazarus’ grieving sisters and perform a miracle by “awakening” Lazarus so

Fourth Sunday in Lent

SIGHT IN THE DIMNESS by Fr. Chris Valka, CSB Our Gospel for the Scrutinies this week reintroduces us to the blind man whose sight is restored by Jesus. Most certainly, it is a chance for us to consider what we are blind to: the injustices of our