30th Sunday in Ordinary Time


By:  Lucinda M. Vardey

As Christians we are inclined to believe that loving God and our neighbour is to do something for another, or a number of things for a number of people. Yet, if we reflect on Jesus’ words in today’s gospel there is much more that can be gleaned from the “greatest” commandment about love – loving God with all your heart, soul and mind.

This love is most commonly expressed through solitude, from being alone in silence and contemplation. It is only in what St. Teresa of Avila calls “The Prayer of Quiet” can we learn about the true ways of the heart, to listen to the Word that whispers there, and to discern the will of God in order to inform our actions. Within these quiet times we can discover more about God’s ways, and the truth about ourselves and who we really are in the eyes of God. It is from this place that holy love grows, first like a small flower in the heart before it blossoms into a full embodied rose that brings joy and happiness to those who meet and greet it.

Thomas Merton wrote that the essential thing in our life is “to be centred on love as sufficient unto itself; it is not a love that is actively channelled into something that gets results.   Love alone is enough, regardless of whether it produces anything.”

As Jesus taught in all he said and did, love is what God is and what God is about. Love calls us into this 3-way embrace of heart, mind and soul in God as Love does, through each of us, with God to others.