29th Sunday in Ordinary Time


By Leanna Cappiello

Here is a question to ponder: How do we expect to receive if we do not ask?

This week, the Gospel tells us a story about a widow who approaches a judge, begging him constantly to grant her justice against her opponent. The judge is at first apathetic; but after some time he gives into her pleading and grants her request. Not because he is concerned with justice, fears the consequences, or even cares about this woman’s wellbeing, but because he breaks down at her perpetual pleas.

Jesus reminds us that if someone who is indifferent can grant a request for a vulnerable person, would not He – who loves us – also grant our requests if we approached Him again and again?

It might seem obvious that in order to receive, we must first ask. But it is not always so obvious to apply this approach in our prayer lives.

I can attest to feeling seriously discouraged when I pray and plead for something I need. Sometimes it never comes (because I didn’t really need it). Sometimes something better comes (because God has better plans for me). Sometimes I get what I ask for, but in a different form than what I was expecting (surprise!).

It’s vulnerable. It’s risky. It’s the beauty and challenge of a rich relationship with God. To ask, and continue asking, requires great faith. And as Jesus prompts us, “And yet, when the Son of Man comes, will he have faith on earth?”

Sunday’s Readings:
Exodus 17.8-13
2 Timothy 3.14-4.2
Luke 18.1-8