27th Sunday in Ordinary Time


By Fr. Ken Decker, CSB

A number of parents have come to St. Basil’s these last few months asking to have their children baptized.  At the other end of the spectrum quite a few adults, including several teen-agers, have come with the same request for themselves.  All are saying that we want to be a part of this church.  Of course this church refers to more than the place on St. Joseph Street.  Our parish is a part of the Church of Toronto.  Also we are a church that teaches and professes all that the Catholic Church believes and teaches.

It is our hope that all of these children and adults that will become full members and join us in our weekly celebration of oneness, the Eucharist.   I want to remind all who read this short piece, what it is that the Catholic Church believes and teaches.  In summary what the Church believes and teaches is contained in our creeds. The creed we are most familiar is the very ancient Apostles’ Creed.  It is our custom to renew our profession of faith each Sunday by reciting this creed.  When the individuals mentioned above are ready to be baptized, they must indicate that they too believe in the elements of the Creed before the water of baptism is poured.  We know that church membership is more than simply saying “I believe in God the Father Almighty…” But all of us needs to remember that this is the core of our belief and the official profession of our oneness in Jesus Christ.

Once we say “I believe…” the real work begins for we must complete the process by following the teaching of Jesus passed on to us in the Gospels.