25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


By Elizabeth Chesley-Jewell

On this twenty-fifth Sunday in ordinary time we hear Jesus’ parable of the dishonest steward. Upon being fired by his manager the steward returned to the individuals owing his manager money and lowered their debt. He did this to ensure his own protection and comfort now that he lacked income. Although he acted shrewdly he did come to realize something, that relationships are the most important thing we can have in life. As Jesus cautions, “You cannot serve God and mammon (money).”

If there is one thing that gets you thinking about money it is a major life change. In June when my boyfriend proposed I said yes with my whole heart. However, becoming engaged means a wedding, and a wedding involves a reception, and a reception involves quite a lot of money. And while a reception is not a bad thing I find myself struggling to keep the sacrament of marriage at the centre of the day. The actual purpose of the wedding day can be so overshadowed by planning that I find myself having to make a conscious effort to re-centre myself and focus on the love that the two of us share. The love that brings us closer to God.

Jesus tells his disciples, “The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones…” It is the small moments, the small trusts, and the small actions that demonstrate God’s presence in this world and lead us into closer relationship with God and each other. We are all stewards of this earth and that involves nurturing our relationships with one another. The trust the steward earned back from lowering debts could give rise to trustworthiness in greater things should he decide to serve others and not money.

For myself and my fiancé, the intimate moment of vowing to honour each other all the days of our lives is worth far more than a reception. By spending the rest of our lives caring for one another and cherishing the small moments of our relationship we act as honest stewards.

Our loving relationship that exists in this busy, often untrustworthy, world is an example of God’s love. And just like a small amount of trust can grow into a large amount of trust, I know our small simple wedding will give rise to a lifetime of beautiful small God-filled moments.

Sunday’s Readings:

Amos 8.4-7

1 Timothy 2.1-7

Luke 16.1-13