1st Sunday of Advent


By Leanna Cappiello

Ever wonder who is sitting next to you in the pew, that stranger with a story? You may take him or her in at a glance… But do you know who they are, what brought them here, what they are thinking about? What if – for one moment – you could peer into their soul and know what they had been through? Have you ever wondered what their spiritual life looks like?

Wouldn’t you want to know?
What if they wondered the same about you?

In the Gospel today, we hear a story we know well: Noah’s Ark, the flood. We typically to associate this with destruction, demise, survival. What if we turn the theme on its axis and see it as starting over, beginning anew, staying awake?

The flood story can help us hone our reflection story. Instead of seeing our story as a tidal wave, think of it as a drop of water. The little things, the details, the thoughts we have daily, are the ones that whisper truths about us.

Instead of asking big overwhelming questions like, Who am I? or What have I to offer the world? Consider asking little intimate questions like: What do I feel right now? What has brought me clarity lately? What is the soundtrack of my mind, the drone note of my daily life? What influences me, captures me, moves me? Why did I arrive here at Mass today? What am I looking for here?

Consider offering your neighbor in the pew a moment to peer into your soul. A drop of water is all it takes.

The People of the Pews Project
Share your story with the community.
Submit a 250-500 word reflection and a photo to Leanna at [email protected]
Your reflection will be shared online, but will not be property of the Parish.

Sunday’s Readings:

Isaiah 2.1-5;
Romans 13.11-14;
Matthew 24.37-44