11th Sunday in Ordinary Time


By Tina Sibbald

The connections between Ezekiel, Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians, and Mark’s Gospel were not immediately evident to this brand new Catholic, but, on closer examination, they have worked together to inspire in me both wonder, and an understanding of God’s promise that He has much to teach me this summer if I just slow down, shut up and listen for a while.

Ezekiel and Mark both contain references to Church growth, but it is interesting that 2 Corinthians talks about our personal relationship with God and His Church. It occurs to me that I must become stronger in my individual relationship with Him in order to effectively do my small part to strengthen the collective that is St. Basil’s.

The summer season is upon us, and people often have the chance to escape for a couple of months from being programmed to the point of autopilot seven days a week. What an opportunity to just “hang out with God” in a nice shady spot under a big tree, and become re-acquainted in a real way.

Until recently, it had been many years since I’ve looked at my Bible. I always had difficulty figuring out just how to read it and apply it to my life. Where do I start? The real eye opener for me was picking up a copy of the Sunday Missal and starting there. It does so much more than simply allowing me follow along during Mass so that I don’t look like such a newcomer to the rest of you. It has made me hungry for God’s word, and by looking at the readings for the approaching Sunday, my heart can become fertile ground for the smallest seed to be planted.

This little companion to my Bible will constantly be with me this summer, and regardless of whether I make it to every week’s Mass, it will cause me to spend time getting to know God in a new and more real way than ever before.