July 24th E-Bulletin

Loose Handrails at East Entrance

The University of St. Michael’s College has arranged for a contractor to repair the loose handrails at the east church entrance, so we hope that they will be fixed soon. Thanks for your patience and care.
August Long Weekend
Please note that the Parish Office will be closed on Monday, August 1st. Only one Mass will be celebrated on at 9:00am on August 1st, after which the church will close. Regularly scheduled confessions are also cancelled.

If you’re Happy and You Know It — A Gratitude Retreat
August 5-7
Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre
Niagara Falls, ON

True happiness is an internal job. It’s a conscious choice to focus on the positive and free ourselves from negative thinking. Follow your heart to a weekend at Mount Carmel and take yourself on a life journey to nourish, embrace and celebrate all that you are. Learn how to strengthen your foundation of happiness, and how it can help to build a lifetime of laughter and joy. When we search for the path to happiness we find that gratitude and happiness are closely linked. Discover how the simple practice of gratitude allows us to reclaim our inner happiness so we can be our best self. “Be grateful for the big things, the little things, and everything in between, and happiness will follow.”

Presenter Bio available at www.annaracine.org

Papal Visit to Canada – Walking Together
Parishioners are invited to learn more about the Holy Father’s visit to Canada this summer by visiting www.papalvisit.ca Pope Francis will be visiting a few locations across the country from July 24-29th.
World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly
On January 31, 2021, Pope Francis decided to institute throughout the Church the celebration of World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. It will be held every year on the fourth Sunday in July (July 24, 2022) near the liturgical memory of Saints Joachim and Anne, grandparents of Jesus. Pope Francis said, “It is important for grandparents to meet their grandchildren and for grandchildren to meet their grandparents.”
Read Pope Francis’ full message.