Updates from Fr. Morgan

It has been quite the two weeks since my last bulletin article! Thank you for the prayers for the Basilian Fathers during the recent General Chapter, and thank you to Fr. Norm and the other priests who helped cover for me and Fr. Farge while we were away. If you read last weekend’s E-Bulletin, you would have learned that I was re-elected to the General Council for another four-year term. While it is an honour to serve the Basilian Fathers in this capacity, the responsibility stretches me a bit and can be time-consuming; therefore, I am most grateful for all the support and assistance that you, the staff, and volunteers provide me as Pastor. What we can offer together is an affirmation of what Pope Benedict XVI wrote in 2012, that all of us are “‘co-responsible’ for the Church’s being and acting”.

You also might have learned that the Basilian General Chapter had to be cut short due to the spread of Covid among many of the participants, including me. It was most unfortunate! My infection was not severe, but the symptoms seemed to linger for a while, sort of like a bad cold. People have been taking good care of me and encouraging me to eat well, drink a lot of fluids, and rest! Fortunately, I had relatively good energy levels after the first few days of infection, so I was able to stay busy in isolation. I ask for your prayers for continued healing for me and my Basilian confrères who contracted Covid.

Some of what has occupied my time in isolation is preparing for the fall. One of the major needs at St. Basil’s is a Director of Faith Formation to succeed Marilena Berardinelli, who had the heart of a Christian educator and a special love for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) program. Based on the parish’s Synod discussions, faith formation has been identified as something for which parishioners hunger, so filling this staff position is of high importance. A job description has been provided to the Archdiocese of Toronto for posting, so now we wait. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will send us a Director of Faith Formation that St. Basil’s needs at this point in our history to plan and offer faith formation opportunities for all ages—from our youngest disciples in CGS to our most senior parishioners. However, going back to that notion of “co-responsibility”, I also realize that this does not fall on one person but is shared among many who are called to use their gifts to help carry it out. Please keep all of this in your prayers!

–Fr. Morgan